Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hello lovelies!  I come bearing another dose of the miscellaneous for you all to enjoy.

Let's talk OPI DS Ruby.  It's part of OPI's earlier Designer Series releases that were actually holographic.  You don’t see a lot of linear red holos out there (at least I don’t, except for Nubar Prize, but that is more of a scattered holo), so it’s refreshing to have a holo that’s not purple, blue or silver for once.  All of my pics have 2 coats of DS Ruby with Seche Vite top coat.

As with most holos, the rainbow really appears in the sun.  You'll see in the next picture that the rainbow doesn't show up in the shade at all.  Under indoor artificial lights, the holo is more visible than in the shade, but not as brilliant as it is in the sun.  I think I just told you what you already know - you're welcome from Captain Obvious.  :)

Sorry for the slight blurriness of this picture.

Just for kicks I took a picture in the sun WITH a flash in the hopes of blinding myself permanently.  It's an interesting image at least.

Indoors, the holoness is more noticeable in the bottle than it is on the nail, even before I applied the top coat.  I think I've said in my DS Sapphire post that I don't think Seche Vite really lessens or dampens OPI holos, and I still find this to be true. 

Have you girls noticed that the Designer Series polishes don't last as long as OPI's normal line?  It seems like every time I wear a DS shade it ends up chipping a lot sooner.  I don't know if that's just for me or not.  Even so, it won't prevent me from sporting them!

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