Friday, August 12, 2011

OPI Skull & Glossbones

I wanted to thank you girls for all of your birthday wishes and for all of your kind comments about my blog.  I love how the polish community is so friendly and generous to other people who are just as passionate about nail polish as they are.  You girls are great and I couldn’t ask to be part of a better community!  My birthday giveaway has sparked a huge response so I’m very excited about it!  Keep those references and comments coming, and if you just stumbled upon this blog and haven’t entered my contest yet, you can do so here.

Before I get too busy, I wanted to share a quick swatch with you.  I’m a little late to the OPI Skull & Glossbones party.  I bought it when the Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides collection was first released, but this is the first chance I got to wear it.  I was hesitant to pick this polish up because it looked kind of boring in the bottle and I was worried it wouldn’t look great with my skin tone.  But I got it anyway and I’m so glad I did!  It didn’t clash with my skin like I thought it would.  It’s a perfect shade if you need a subtle, conservative color for work but you’d also like it to be noticeable.   

All of these pictures were taken inside with artificial light - first 2 without a flash and last 2 with flash.  As usual with OPI polishes, the name describes the shade perfectly.  It definitely reminds me of bones, as morbid or weird as that might be.

I'm sorry if my posts will be few and far between for the next 2 weeks or so.  I will try to update when I have some downtime, as I have an idea for a series of posts that I think you'll enjoy.  Until next time...Happy Polishing!


  1. ahh! i had passed up getting this color for the same reasons! i'm definitely going to have to get it !! :}

  2. Ooooo so I just helped someone out??? Gosh I'm so happy! lol This blog is now my purpose in life. :)