Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorful Inspiration!

Before I start, I want to extend a congratulations to Kristen M. for correctly guessing the inspiration behind my blog title!  The answer was Rainbow Brite, my favorite cartoon from the mid 1980's.

Rainbow Freakin' Brite

Rainbow Brite has a magical color belt that she uses to bring color to the land and to summon rainbows!  Kristen receives a free bottle of OPI Dating A Royal for being awesome.  Good job, Kristen!

Speaking of the 80's and rainbows, I bought something today that I'm totally excited about.  Three words:  Neon. Eyeshadow. Palette.  Milani's July 2011 limited edition Paint Eyeshadow Palette to be exact! Welcome back, 1980's!

Image from Scrangie
I've been trying to wear more makeup lately and when I saw this on Scrangie's blog, I nearly crapped myself with joy.  The inner little girl in me screamed "PRETTY COLORS!" and the adult impulse buyer in me went straight to Milani's website and bought that sucker.  Apparently it is only supposed to be available at CVS during the month of July, but I've heard that a lot of people can't find it in their local CVS stores.  I didn't bother running out and looking all around for it, especially if it's limited edition.  That's what the internet is for, silly!

I don't care if I turn 30 next month - I will wear bright, neon colors on my nails and face no matter what my age.  Societal norms can suck it!  I can't wait to try this eyeshadow and blend it with my Urban Decay Naked palette to see what kind of crazy concoctions I can come up with.  So if you're not a teenager and you're a little timid about wearing neon, flashy colors - who cares?! Let your neon flag fly, ladies!  As one of my friends always says, "you're only as young as you feel."  Now slap that hot pink eyeshadow on and flaunt it, girl!

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