Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elvis Is Alive!

Howdy all!  Before I post my first polish sale, I wanted to share some photos of an awesome shade that I recently came across.  This is OPI’s Love Me Tender from the Elvis-inspired Summer 2005 collection “All Shook Up.”  I tried it last night for the first time and needless to say, I love it!  It looks gorgeous, especially in the sunlight.  Just so you know, I braved the 95 degree weather with a sweltering heat index of 105+ degrees to capture this unique polish for you.  I hope you realize how much you all mean to me.  Now onto the goodies!

Love Me Tender consists of the old, non 3-free OPI formula with the non Pro-wide brush.  It’s a peachy pink coral color with a gold shimmer prevalent mostly in the sunlight, but under brighter indoor lights as well.  It looks like a light peachy pink when the gold isn’t highlighted.  These pictures were taken in the sunshine to capture its awesomeness.  Any pictures I took inside turned up blurry and useless.   

I’ve heard people say the old OPI formula is easier to apply than the new 3-free formula.  I have several black label OPI’s but I haven’t used them enough to come to my own conclusion on that front.  However, Love Me Tender applied pretty flawlessly and without any streaking!  I got full coverage with just 2 coats - I didn’t have any trouble making it opaque.  For myself, I prefer the non Pro-wide brushes because I have small, stubby hands and nail beds.  Therefore, I make a lot less of a mess on the surrounding skin polishing with the thinner brush.   

If you ladies ever want me to try to find you a discontinued color (or any color for that matter!) I'd be happy to help.  I love the thrill of the polish hunt!  Just send me an email at amsherbles at gmail dot com and let me know what shade you're looking for and I can try to track it down at a reasonable price.  I know I can get Love Me Tender for you if you're interested.  I love finding coveted, retired polishes for people - it makes me happy!

Hopefully I'll get around to posting my first polish purge within the next day or so, so stay tuned!  Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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